Chapter 5 - Foot Surveillance

In this chapter we discuss what can get an operator noticed which could lead to compromise and thus how to avoid it. The surveillance methods and tactics employed on foot are covered in great detail from the stake out phase to following a target in different environments: neighbourhoods, shopping areas, indoor shopping malls, cafes & pubs and when travelling on public transport such as: buses, trains and underground rail. The transition from operating in a vehicle to deploying on foot and back again is also an important factor.

  • Foot surveillance compromises
  • Foot tactics: stake out, pick, follow, housing
  • ABC system: follows, handovers, cornering, losses
  • Shadow cars
  • Covert communications
  • Cafes & public houses
  • Buildings with multiple exits
  • Buses & trains
  • Underground rail networks
  • Deploying from a vehicle