'I have seen the manuscript of this new book and cannot believe how Pete has managed to put so much detail together in one place. The graphic content alone makes this book what it is - unrivaled, well done.
Ken - Director X14-Investigations

'This book has been written and designed in a way that only Peter Jenkins and those at ISS can. First class, professional and hard to beat. It reflects on the standard which ISS Training are respected for'
DH - Former Security Service Officer

'This book is absolutely complete! Anyone new to surveillance training or an experienced operator I am sure will learn something new'
CM - UK Trading Standards Officer

'For any surveillance or Close Protection Operative serious about a career in the security industry a book like this is essential. Purchasing this book is about personal development and keeping on top of your skills. A worthwhile buy'
CM - Moderator, Close Protection World

I would just like to say that I have just read Peters new book 'Surveillance Tradecraft' and it is one of the best surveillance tools on the market. Peter you have again wrote a book that should be on everyone's bookshelf as part of their SOP's. It is well written and up to date and full of knowledge. Anyone wishing to conduct surveillance or close protection operations should read this book.
Dougie - Director NIBSSS

'I wish to complement you and your team on a well received and informative publication, Surveillance Tradecraft 2010. The diversity and clear instruction is universal and true to life, most enjoyed reading the ISS Case inserts.

It’s welcoming to have someone who gives back to the industry... Thank you'.
Max, Airmax Investigations - Australia

The attention to detail is outstanding, as are the stories from the author and other operatives, including surveillance that went wrong - nearly with dangerous consequences.
Mark Rowe - Editor Professional Security Magazine

As a long-time practitioner and instructor of surveillance and surveillance detection, I commend you for your excellent contribution to the profession in the form of your outstanding book "Surveillance Tradecraft." You deserve high praise and profits. Your work has just convinced me not to attempt producing my own book on the subject.
BB, Former CIA Officer at Henley-Putnam University